How old is my baseball or softball player?

Little League uses different age charts for baseball and softball. These are the age charts for the 2017 season.


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Do I need my own catcher’s gear?

The league provides catcher’s gear. You are welcome to purchase your own as well. If you decide to buy your own gear, it is acceptable to have new or used gear. Note that there is a requirement that the catcher’s mask be the hockey style mask (the old-school skull cap is not permitted) and it must also include a dangling throat guard. The dangling throat guard can be bought separately.

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Do I need my own bat?

You don’t need your own bat. The league provides bats. We recently purchased new bats for Tee Ball. We spend part of the league income updating equipment. Many players in older divisions decide to buy their own bat. Many players are also willing to share their personal bat. If you plan to buy a bat, I recommend reading the Little League web page on bat information first.

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Do I need my own helmet?

You don’t need to provide your own helmet. The league provides helmets. Many players choose to purchase their own helmet. Make sure you don’t modify the helmet by adding paint or stickers though. You can read over the Little League information about helmets here.

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Can I play for North Asheville if I don’t live in their boundary?

According to the Little League Residence and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements, one or both of the player’s parents should live inside the boundary. They can also play if they attend school within the boundary. It is also possible to play in the league if a sibling, who also plays in the league, attends school in the boundary.

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Am I in the North Asheville Little League boundary?

Our 2015 boundaries can be found at this link –> NALL Boundary

In 2016 our league boundary should be expanding. Once the new boundary is official, a new map will be posted.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept checks, cash, or any major credit cards. We use a Square card reader for credit card transactions.

North Asheville Little League also provides full and partial scholarships.

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Does the league have insurance?

Yes. North Asheville Little League buys insurance through Little League International. You can read more about insurance here.

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